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NOTICE: Shawn and I would like to take this moment and thank all the Staff, Riders, Sponsors, Volunteers, Friends, Family, and Fans who have supported us over the years. We have definitely had our ups and downs over the last 6 years, but we really have enjoyed our time at IMS/Pirate Speedway. It has been a huge part of our lives, but a chapter that is ending. After meeting with the fairgrounds, it has been determined that Pirate Speedway is definitely closing. It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we must announce that Pirate must be 100% gone by December 1st 2014. Unfortunately, we have been unable to generate the much needed support to allow the track to be self-sufficient, let alone handle the necessary rent increases. While the fairgrounds have done their best to work with us over the years, it is no longer feasible for them to do so. We have approximately 5 weeks left, so we plan to accommodate as many people as we can. Shawn will be conducting one more school; we will be having open practice, and some other activities. We are planning a very full schedule during the time we have left. We will post the schedule ASAP. We will very much miss our track.


Thank you again, Shawn and Robynn


You will be missed!